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Congratulations to the three people who have each won a copy of my book via the books and reading website Goodreads. Copies will be with you soon – but please be patient as they’re travelling from the UK (and you’re scattered around the globe). Thanks to the thousand or so people who clicked to try and win a copy.

Edge Hill Prize

Some exciting news: my book has been shortlisted for the Edge Hill Short Story Prize. As is always the way whenever I get any nice news, I was at work – which made concentrating for the rest of the day very, very difficult. Anyway, the announcement was made here, on the Edge Hill website. And I’m very pleased to be part of a list that includes such wonderful writers as Sarah Hall, Tessa Hadley, Zoe Lambert and Rowena Macdonald. As you can see, it’s an all-female shortlist but it’s also interesting to note the number of northern writers on there as well as all the debut collections. The winners of the main prize and the readers’ prize will be announced at a ceremony in London on July 5th – congratulations everyone.

Guest post: A. B. Wells

The lovely and supportive Alison Wells is celebrating the launch of her feel-good space adventure ‘Housewife with a Half-Life’ today (May 8th). Here’s Alison – or A. B. Wells – to tell everyone a little bit more about her book:

A Housewife’s answer to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy! In this lively space comedy, Susan Strong and her spaceman guide Fairly Dave dodge entropy hoovers, Geezers with Freezers, the Super Gnome and the Spinner’s cataclysmic converter on a mission to retrieve the lost pieces of the housewife’s disintegrating self across parallel universes. Can they save us all from Universal Devastation?

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