Brontë cover

Here is the cover for Red Room – I hope you like it. Designed by Rachael Carver, of Green Door Designs, the font on the front is based on Charlotte Brontë’s handwriting, and the text mirrors how Victorians used to make use of paper (a valuable commodity) – by writing one way then turning the paper ninety degrees and continuing to write. As Rachael says, it gives a lovely quilted effect. It’s a great idea and I’m thrilled with how it’s turned out. As you can see on the back the book contains new stories by some great writers: Alison Moore, David Constantine, Carys Davies, David Rose, Rowena Macdonald, Tania Hershman, Sarah Dobbs, Vanessa Gebbie, Elizabeth Baines, Zoë King, Bill Broady and Felicity Skelton – plus a poem by Simon Armitage. It should be a great read and will be available for pre-orders soon. The book is out in November and we’re already starting to get some events in place to promote it. Watch this space for more information.

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