What doesn’t kill you

The cover of What Doesn’t Kill You: Fifteen Stories of Survival

I just realised I completely forgot to mention on here that I had an essay published in a book called What Doesn’t Kill You: Fifteen Stories of Survival, from Unbound. The book features a range of essays from the likes of Rory Bremner, Julian Baggini, Cathy Rentzenbrink and many others about issues ranging from depression and eating disorders to alcholism and OCD.

My own essay ‘Eight’ is about my experiences with panic and anxiety, something I’ve struggled with since the age of eight – hence the title. Because of my interest in incorporating science into my work if I can, I’ve written this as a piece of creative non-fiction which utilises ideas relating to solar physics. A bit of a challenge to do, but it really helped me to structure my story and find a way to navigate through it, as well as providing a layer of metaphor, which is something that inspires me as a writer – whether working in fiction or non-fiction.

If you’re interested in having a read, please pick up a copy from the usual places (paperback or e-book). The essays are all really fascinating and are certainly a salve during these strange times we’re all living in, especially when so many people are struggling with their own worries and mental health difficulties.