Hawthornden Fellowship

A Hawthornden Fellowship is something I’ve dreamt about for a while now – the chance to spend a solid month writing in Hawthornden Castle, near Edinburgh, in the company of other writers… well, who wouldn’t fancy that? I’m therefore hugely thrilled to have won a fellowship for next year – lucky me. If you want to know more about Hawthornden, Vanessa Gebbie wrote a wonderful blog post about her time there (there’s another post from Camille DeAngelis here – look at the beautiful wintry photo of the trees in the ravine). So you can see why I’m excited – a month writing, no/few distractions, meals provided (including lunch brought to your room)… can’t wait. It will be a great opportunity for me to work hard on the novel and to get it looking something like a novel… that’s what I hope anyway. I’m also really excited to find out who I’ll be there with too. I’ll write about my fellowship after I’ve been sometime early next year – many thanks to the admissions committee for choosing my application.

5 thoughts on “Hawthornden Fellowship

  1. Joanna

    Congratulations. That’s wonderful news. You will be able to make huge strides with your novel in perfect peace and tranquillity.

    I’m so enjoying The Red Room. It’s a beautiful book and the stories are brilliant. Many thanks.

  2. Jacky Taylor

    This is fabulous news Andrea, many, many congratulations! You must be beside yourself with excitement. Just the thought of no interruptions or demands for a day thrills me with delight – a whole month: wow! Have a wonderful time next year.

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