On Kindle

The intro to the TLS review

My short story collection has been out for a year now – and, yes, it’s flown by. It’s been an interesting year. I’ve taken part in readings at literary festivals, been reviewed in the TLS (see right) and a number of other places, answered interview questions and tried to work on new writing (see my Next Big Thing answers below). And considering the anniversary, it’s rather apt that my book is now available on Kindle (see Salt’s special Christmas offer here for my collection and five other Scott Prize-winning books). So, if you haven’t got hold of a copy – I understand it’s being reprinted at the moment so physical stocks may be difficult to find – and you have a Kindle then you can download it now. Thanks to all those who’ve bought, read, reviewed and/or spoken to me about my book over the past 12 months – it’s really nice to know you have, in the main, enjoyed it. Here’s to whatever the next year brings!