Story in The Warwick Review

I mentioned previously that I had a new story forthcoming in The Warwick Review. I wasn’t sure then which issue it would be in but I’m happy to say it’s in the June issue. The story is called ‘One Small Thing’ and will be published alongside new work by the likes of fellow Edge Hill Prize shortlistee Rowena Macdonald, John Kinsella, Kirsty Gunn and more. If you’re interested in a subscription to The Warwick Review, details are available here (you can also order individual copies should you want to). It’s a great read so it’s well worth subscribing if you can. My story began with a first line dropping into my head – ‘She was carving dolls for the dead.’ This has happened quite a lot to me in the past and, usually, as soon as I get the line I get the story. That’s not to say that the stories then come easily of course – they never do. Anyway, if you read it I hope you like it.
* Elizabeth Baines has given a very nice mention to the anthology of Brontë stories I’m currently editing and which she features in (Red Room: New Short Stories Inspired by the Brontës) so pop over to her blog to have a read.