I’m not very good

… at blogging. Possibly because nothing much is happening at the moment apart from editing the novel and doing the day job. I’m working on draft eight of The Dark Sky, Falling and hoping to finish it over the next couple of months – depending on how much time I can spend on it. I never really plan when I write (well, not much) but now, fairly late in the process, I’m having to write an outline to make sure everything is working and linking up in the way it should do. Hopefully the novel will be the better for it. So, not much news… except that I signed with Sue Armstrong at Conville and Walsh late last year and she’s really helping me to make the book better than it would have been without her insights. And in order to focus fully on editing, I’ll be off to take up my Baltic Writing Residency in Scotland soon so some lovely, peaceful writing time in the Highlands coming up – thanks to Adam Day and the team there for choosing my application. I can’t wait.